#D bullet hell, Touhou Mechanical Scrollery, is now available for PC. The game features flying girls as they hunt gigantic mecha spiders across various landscapes and is available for $19.99/16.79€.

Players will need to wave through a bevy of projectiles filling up the sky in order to get in close enough to land melee attacks.

Knock off enemy parts including weapons, then obliterate what’s left with a hail of bullets from up close or long-range. Harvest parts from their broken bodies to combine with materials found in the environment and create new equipment.

Soar over the beautiful forests, snowy fields and desert sands of Gensokyo across four difficulties. Play as one of two girls, each with her own special abilities, as they fend off the invaders.

Here’s what Shokutaku no G, co-founder, Mikosan Manners; add to say:

“The story will be familiar to Touhou Project fans, as we’ve reimagined Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, the 15th title in the main series, in 3D. The members of our team bonded at university over our love of the Touhou Project series, and we thought it only fitting our first game should combine the beauty and power of modern game development with that beloved franchise to make an unrivalled 3D bullet hell experience.”

Touhou Mechanical Scrollery support English, Japanese and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified). It is also an unofficial entry in the Touhou Project sries, recognized by the Guinness World Records as the “most prolific fan-made shooter series.”