If you’re never content with the Status Quo then chances are you’re a modder, and if you’re not, chances are you’d like to be.

Far from actually being unhappy, modders often love a game so much that, well, they want to mod it! Doing so is flattery in its most creative form and the SnowRunner community is seeing a whole host of modders currently modding their moddable game (try saying that 5 times fast!).

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive’s SnowRunner launched recently to a cacophony of truck horns with players flocking to the wheels of the numerous off-road vehicles in an attempt to test their truck driving mettle against the challenging courses on hand. However, once an official partnership with mod.io was established it was only a matter of time until the mods began and so, here we are, with both studios hailing the ‘dozens of mods created by eager community members’. Available for download now, players can enhance their game with:

  • New vehicles
  • Harder and more realistic driving
  • System changes, 
  • Crazy (and unexpected) creations
  • Much more!

If you fancy flexing your modding muscles check out the below video to see how to get mods up and running on your system.

Plus, with free updates to the modding tools and the SnowRunner Season Pass now available for purchase, players can expect a full year of content updates, from new vehicles to new maps and missions.

SnowRunner is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC! Visit the official shop to get the game or snowrunner.mod.io for mods!