I’m sure that anyone who’s recently completed DOOM: Eternal has had their head turned recently by the screenshots and vids coming out of the Serious Sam 4 camp. It. Looks. Ace. And to ramp up the excitement factor that little bit more, Croteam and Devolver Digital announced that the prequel will be hitting Steam and Google Stadia platforms come August 2020. Oh snap!

Those of you desperate to get your hands on a copy can head over to serioussam.com and not only pre-order Serious Sam 4 but also pick up any of the past incarnations of Sam being serious at up to 90% off. Boom!

And if you’re wondering who the hell this Sam is and why he’s so damn serious maybe check out the gameplay trailer below. We can’t promise it’ll have the answers you’re looking for, but it might just blow you away. We’re serious.