Gone are the days of getting a team together, deciding on cool names, designating roles (I always wanted to be the driver), then donning your best Salvador Dali masks and robbing a bank. Paper money’s so last year. The real money nowadays – and to be honest for quite some time now – is digital.

Enter //HEX. For those people who prefer to work alone than with a crew, //HEX is a bank hacking simulator with attitude, allowing players to take on the role of the elusive Hacker, attempting to disarm each protocol to reach the jackpot. Or if hacking doesn’t appeal to you then what about communication? Play as Control and relay instructions to your nimble-fingered partner.

With a demo available now, //HEX will be dropping officially July 31 on Steam so target your chosen bank and stretch out those fingers, bypassing internet security’s the game and hacking the most secure banks in the world’s the game. Features:

   – Use your communication skills to bypass internet security measures    

   – Hack into the most secure banks

   – Choose to take on the role as Hacker or Control

   – 14 different hacking puzzles

   – 4 different tracer puzzles

   – 4 different currencies (dollar, euro, pound and crypto)

From indie developer Solis Studio, Early Access will include 8 types of hacking puzzles and one type of tracer puzzle with a total of 3 currencies to transfer. As the development of the game advances, 14 different hacking puzzles, 4 different tracer puzzles and 4 different currencies will be added.

So if you fancy yourself as a future hacker this may just be the game for you!*

*Disclaimer: this is not an endorsement of hacking. Honest.