Woah there! Shine that blowtorch in another direction, would ya? Jeez.

Since that opening scene in Aliens (you know the one, with the giant mechanical arm that blowtorches it’s way into Ripley’s escape craft and then eerily scans the environment before a salvage crew jumps in, finds Ripley’s pod and exclaims, “Bio readouts are all in the green – looks like she’s alive”, and then the other guys says, “Ahh, there goes our salvage, guys”. Yeah, that scene), I’ve always kinda thought that deep space salvage was cool, it was just a pity we were light years from it becoming reality.

Well, we’re still light years from it becoming reality but not from becoming digital reality, as Blackbird Interactive and Focus Home Interactive’s new space sandbox salvage title, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, celebrates its Steam Early Access release with the Launch Trailer below!

As you’d expect, cutting-edge salvage tech’s at the forefront of your technological prowess and ability to find, carve and slice your targeted spaceships up and recover the valuable materials needed to earn your next contract’s gas money. The more your salvage the more money you make, with contracts getting ever-more lucrative – though with a billion credit debt to pay off, I wouldn’t splash out on too much bubbly straight off the bat. Early Access features will include:

  • 2 classes of spaceship to salvage
  • Multiple upgradable salvaging tools and perks
  • The first act of the story campaign

Plus, over the course of the Early Access period the team behind the game is committed to releasing more spaceship classes, missions, game modes, leaderboards, modding support and much more with the help of the Steam Early Access community.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is now available in Steam Early Access, though fear not PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users – additional console releases are planned at a later date.