I’m sure everybody’s dreamed of being a firefighter before but if, like me, your path took you in some other direction in life have no fear because Firefighters: Airport Heroes is here!

Available for Nintendo Switch (and soon other platforms), Firefighters: Airport Heroes manages to combine two of my favourite things, fires and airports, into one life-saving game. Or is that one game of saving lives?

Continuing off the back of the success of other Firefighter games such as Firefighters: The Simulation and Firefighters: Plant Fire Department, this one sees players take on towering infernos in passenger terminals, crashed helicopters, engine fires, and more with the skillful use of fire engines, extinguishers and awesome special tools! Features include:

– Countless exciting missions in the airport area

– Pure realism due to the control of large fire engines and their use during the extinguishing process

– Many different locations: Planes, terminals, offices…

– Numerous different fire engines to choose from

– Various challenging levels of difficulty

Plus, the friendly neighbourhood airport cat will need saving from trees as well. Well, maybe I made that part up, but who knows? It’s all in a day’s work for the (airport) fire dept.!