A whole lotta Cyberpunk!

CD Projekt Red hosted their first Night City Wire stream for Cyberpunk 2077 which included a brand new trailer titled, ‘The Gig’, an anime announcement, gameplay for the Braindance mechanic as well as various media previews of the game.

The footage shown in the trailer showcased a whole bunch of the world, characters and high octane action found within Cyberpunk 2077, giving us an insight into the dark and twisted goings-on within Night City and this just the prologue according to UK Head of Communication, Hollie Bennett who hosted the first Night City Wire.

Night City Wire Episode 1:

Cyberpunk 2077: The Gig Trailer:

Braindance Gameplay:

PlayStation Access Gameplay Preview:

Eurogamer Gameplay Preview:

Cyberpunk 2077 launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 19th with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X version coming at a later date which you can upgrade to for free if you own the previous generation version.