Find out the origins of Xehanort.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, a new, original story and unique gameplay experience within the hit mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road, is now available to all players as a free update. Kingdom Hearts Dark Road expands on the epic mobile adventure and brings players to an early chapter of the Kingdom Hearts series, follow a mysterious teenaged Xehanort to what lead him down his path to become the Seeker of Darkness.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road features easy-to-learn, card-based gameplay, optimised for touch-based controls on mobile devices. Together with a teenage Xehanort, a young Master Eraqus, and a cast of newly introduced Keyblade Wielders, players will travel through familiar Disney worlds to defeat Heartless and uncover the mysteries surrounding Xehanort’s past.

Square Enix and Disney also recently announced that Kingdom Hearts fans looking for more adventures can look forward to Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, an immersive musical journey filled with over 140 memorable Disney and Kingdom Hearts songs with your favourite worlds and characters, that will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year.