Original Origins or Origin Originals?

If you missed the recent EA Play Live 2020 event last week, you may have missed the news about the three new original games that were announced to be published under the EA Originals label. If you want to revisit the EA Play Live event then we have the full stream for you below. Also, we have the trailer for the three newly announced games “It Takes Two”, “Lost in Random”, and “Rocket Arena”.

First on the list is “It Takes Two”, a co-op platformer from Stockholm based Hazelight Studios’ who was also responsible for “A Way Out”.

Secondly, Zoink’s “Lost in Random” – is a gothic fairytale action-adventure set in a twisted dystopia where a young girl, and her living dice companion, Dicey must face a freaky world that looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie.

And finally Final Strike Games’ “Rocket Arena”.

Rocket Arena is a cross-play hero arena shooter where players and teams must master the art of the rocket through a roster of diverse heroes, customisable play styles and competitive action combat. Rocket Arena will be available to play on July 14, 2020, when the game launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin and Steam.

EA also revealed that an upcoming team-based action game from NY based Velan Studios will be built using the developer’s new game engine under the EA Originals banner. So there was plenty of new-game news coming out of EA, and hopefully no MTX in sight!

“We recognised the inspiring vision, talent and innovation coming from these independent studios and how that will become amazing game experiences for our players across the world, wherever they choose to play”

Steve Pointon, SVP 3rd Party Content & Development at Electronic Arts

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