Ben 10 has packed his bags and is on a power trip!

I have to admit I didn’t realise Ben 10 was still a thing. It’s been many years since my youngest used to watch Ben 10 on the goggle-box, but having a quick Google it does indeed still seem to be going on Cartoon Network – the more you know!

Having a history of 14-plus years of content certainly does give games some material to draw from, and developers PHL Collective have crafted “Ben 10: Power Trip” out of that. The game features an open-world adventure with co-operative gameplay and an original story – I do love it when games can bring a great standalone story to their computer game counterpart.

Ben 10: Power Trip sees Ben Tennyson team up with long-time rival Kevin 11 to battle the evil magician Hex and save the world! Using his trusted Omnitrix to transform into different alien creatures and make use of their extraterrestrial super-powers to overcome obstacles and defeat alien enemies.

Ben 10 is releasing October 9, 2020, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.