The Computer Games World XI

What’s the date for National Video Game Day? According to Jagex, it’s July 8, 2020. There’s a lot of confusion on the official date for a national video game day and that’s because with a quick Google search you can easily find at least five different dates. Regardless of my pedantic nature, the underlying question here is what video games are the best in class in certain area’s and would mix to make the ultimate game. It’s a similar question to who would you have in you World XI superteam or what musicians in your supergroup.

One of the UK’s leading games publisher and developer Jagex has put out a poll for 3000 gamer’s to try and give a small sectional answer to the age-old question. Gamer’s were asked about their favourite publishers, game graphics, and types of enemies amongst other things. Here are the results, and please bear in mind that this is a TINY poll in comparison to the number of gamers in the world and should you have an opinion of your own leave it over at Twitter @ggsgamer.

  • Best Platform: PC (81% of the vote)
  • Best Hero: Geralt of Rivia (20%)
  • Best Graphics: Red Dead Redemption 2 (19%)
  • Best Gameplay: Dark Souls (21%)
  • Best Script: The Last of Us (20%)
  • Best Humor: Old School Runescape (35%)
  • Best Developer: Nintendo (25%)
  • Best Enemies: Orcs/goblins – (27%)

Close calls for best hero was Link, and Witcher 3 for Graphics, with a clear winner for best platform being PC. Again this is super-dependant on the audience polled. But with the gaming industry generating more money than the movie and music industry combined, it’s always good to keep a finger on the pulse of what gamer’s are into.