I can’t think of a worse time to become an airline manager than right now… BUT that’s real life so BE GONE to you, foul thing! Let’s immerse ourselves in the digital world once more.

For all you Airlines Manager fans out there news fresh off the grapevine today is that Paradox Interactive have snapped up Playrion Game Studio, the guys behind the plane game.

Originally a student project way back when, Airlines Manager gained quick success and now has more than 10 million players since its mobile-platform release in 2014 and in celebration of the games acquisition and addition to Paradox’s game roster players can get a free unique plane donned in the Paradox Interactive colours (someone will have to tell me what these are).

Speaking about the takeover, Benjamin Cohen, Founder and Studio Manager at Playrion, said, “I am incredibly excited to join this amazing and well-established game company, and to bring our expertise and knowledge about mobile games. As soon as we met Paradox Interactive, I understood that we had very close DNA. For almost five years, Playrion has experienced exponential growth thanks to our very talented team, and without a doubt, we’ll be able to push things even further with Paradox Interactive on our side. This is the best opportunity we ever had to improve the experience of our players and to deliver better games”.

As if one statement wasn’t enough, Charlotta Nilsson, COO at Paradox Interactive, had this to say: “Adding Playrion to our roster allows us to continue expanding our business in new areas, and bring more of our IPs to mobile. We’re always thrilled when we find teams who want to make the kind of games we’d like to make ourselves. Playrion is a natural addition to the Paradox family, and we’re delighted to have them joining us”.

Looks like Paradox is just one big happy family.

*insert goofy smiley face here*