Fresh off the heels of the release of the final episode of Song of Horror, Raiser Games and Protocol Games have released a new update that adds a new playable character, brand new paranormal activity, and a new extreme difficulty mode.

The newly added extreme difficulty mode will have players experiencing more paranormal events than ever before, and The Presence’s haunting manifestations will be tougher to beat. Surviving this difficulty will reward players with the “The Presence waits dreaming” achievement.

Along with the new difficulty settings, a familiar face returns as Erica Färber is now playable in the fifth episode. She was previously only available in Episode 2 and 4.

Carlos G. F. Grupeli, co-founder of Protocol Games, said:

It stands to reason that, if you play a survival-horror title, the horror element is crucial […] We want to make sure players who have already completed the whole game can delve back into Song of Horror and take on The Presence once more, but this time with even more mal-intent. We think fans will really enjoy us upping the ante even further with the H.P. Lovecraft difficulty setting.

Sergio de Benito, Marketing Director at Raiser Games, added:

This fresh update to Song of Horror is a way of showing that we listen to the fans […] Song of Horror has a wide and loyal community behind it, and they’d been asking both for a harder difficulty mode and for Erica to be playable in the fifth and final episode. We’re really happy to deliver on those requests to say thank you to the players who have helped make the game such a success.

Song of Horror is also part of the Steam Summer Sale, with a 25 percent discount on offer until July 9th, bringing the price down to £18.74/$18.74/€22.49.