D3PUBLISHER has announced a new entry in the long-running EDF series: Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will release sometime early next for Nintendo Switch and PS4. The game will also feature unique Voxel art visuals.

Voxel Earth is falling apart into square pieces, breaking its blocky peace, as alien invaders in large motherships have caused a catastrophic rift in their massive attack. Only the Earth Defense Force can save the day. The game will also feature landmark battlefields with inspirations from America, United Kingdom, Japan, Egypt, and more

Players can expect access to a massive selection of memorable EDF legendary soldier classes and weapons, ranging from the original numbered EDF series all the way up to EDF5 and additional spin-off EDF series.

Players will also be able to recruit dozens of new EDF characters known as Brothers and Sisters such as the Cowboy Brother or Maid Sister. There will be over 100 new members to find for endless combinations of skillsets, personalities, and abilities to best tackle the mission at hand.