Milestones has added a brand-new feature to MotoGP20’s career mode: Junior Team which requires to be playing in the Moto2 or MotoGP class.

During your season, new tabs in the Career Hub will introduce the team creation. Players can open teams in classes lower than their in order to let them race in the next season.

A team needs a Team Manager, whose skills will influence the ability to attract sponsors and to hire good riders. While the Technical Director, will influence bike development and on track performances during the weekend.

Sponsorship offers will include bikes, sponsor financing, and result goals to be careful to find the correct balance. You can hire one or two riders, with their own skillset, and see them grow inside your team.

Players can also improve their results by investing money to get travel discounts or training your riders or your engineers. This results in different outcomes, but an efficient team must seek perfection in all details.