It goes deeper than Zombie Hitler!

Title: Zombie Army 4: Dead War Season Pass One
Platform: Google Stadia, PC, PS4 and Xbox One (reviewed)
Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Rebellion
Release date: Out Now
tl;dr: Braaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnssssss
Price: £30 / $35
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The new campaign picks up after the events of the Zombie Army 4: Dead War game. After surviving Zombie Hitler’s maniacal device, our cast of heroes keeps on pushing back against waves of undead Nazis. The newly added campaign features three scenarios: Terror Lab, Blood Count, and Deeper than Hell. The new campaign will bring our protagonists to deeper levels of hell.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Season Pass One review from GGS Gamer

If you have yet to dive into the Zombie Army series, it’s a third-person shooter with a B-movie feel to it where your goal is too simply kill every type of zombie that Zombie Hitler has concocted to throw at you. There are small and big ones. You have a bevvy of weapons at your disposal, all of which can be upgraded thanks to Upgrade kits found through the game. After surviving waves of the undead, you reach a Safehouse where you can replenish your weaponry and acts as a save point.

Along with the additional campaign missions, Rebellion also threw in four new playable characters that can be selected in any game modes. While they don’t have much difference in terms of gameplay, it’s sometimes fun to change things up; also allows more choices when playing with friends so people don’t end up with a team of the exact same four characters.

GGS Gamer's Review of Zombie Army 4: Dead War Season Pass One

Players will also have a bit more options when it comes to customizing their deadly arsenal with the addition of 5 weapon skin packs including wrapping paper and 4 additional character outfits. There are also new weapons added to the already massive selection of guns to use; the more the better they say!

The main problem I had with the newly added content is that sometimes when picking up where I left off, I was given another character instead of the one previously chosen; even odder was the fact that while I playing as Shola, the subtitles still acted as if it was Karl (the character I had initially selected). It doesn’t really hinder the gameplay, but it’s just… weird.

GGS Gamer's Zombie Army 4: Dead War Season Pass One review

Additionally, Rebellion cranked up the difficulty for solo players. While it’s still doable solo, the three new chapters felt harder than the core game. The new campaign will put players in dire situations with seemingly 100 zombies at once but also add to the mix a Gunner, Butcher, or Flamer. Sometimes two of those at the same time; all of this in closed-off areas with limited movement at times. It gets intense.

The content added via Zombie Army 4: Dead War’s Season Pass One looks great and faithful to the core game. It looks great overall; not the perfect game visual game, but it’s part of its b-movie charm. There’s also a missed chance for new enemies, the most notable additions are the Rocket Sniper and running Skeletons, but other than that expect the same flocks of undead encountered in the main campaign. The soundtrack is solid; as creepy as you’d expect. Voiceovers are fine as well; nothing really bad, but it still adds to the B-movie flair of the game.

GGS Gamer review for Zombie Army 4: Dead War Season Pass One

The content for Season Pass One for Zombie Army 4 is definitely worth the extra dollars. While I’m not a fan of Season Passes and anything remotely similar that could’ve been available from Day 1, the new campaign, characters, and the bevvy of additional content included here is definitely worth it. Questionable glitches asides, if you loved Zombie Army 4 and you only picked up the Standard edition, I highly recommend taking out your money for the Season Pass.

The Good

  • New campaign is a great continuation of the core game.
  • New weapons and characters.

The Bad

  • Questionable glitches.

Family Focus

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is rated M for Mature and PEGI18 due to blood, strong language and violence.

This review is based on a review copy of the game provided by the publisher