FitXR, the leading VR fitness company, released a brand new virtual fitness studio featuring total-body workouts from the comfort of their own home as FitXR captures and combines the energy of live fitness classes and the joy of gaming to make it an effective workout.

FitXR includes over four hours of boxing-inspired workouts, building on the team’s success with BoxVR. The game includes classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. Existing BoxVR users will be upgraded to the FitXR free of charge.

All workouts are choreographed by professional fitness instructors to give users a full-body workout involving squats, lunges, jabs hooks, and much more.

FitXR also includes a brand new feedback system, giving users the feeling of having their very own personal trainer within a live class. There are also three DLC packs available at launch.

FitXR’s music selection features eclectic tracks ranging from Rock to Hip-Hop, with workouts carefully choreographed to the music.

Sameer Baroova, Co-founder of FitXR said:

With the launch of FitXR, we are ready to tackle the fitness industry head-on. Traditional gym offerings can leave people unmotivated and at times intimidated – our new studio offers a virtual fitness solution that is versatile and effective in helping people reach their fitness goals but still remains fun at its core. Fun workouts are the ones we stick with, and this was the real driving force in creating FitXR. The success of BoxVR has taught us that there is a massive public appetite for a fun and engaging way to work out that can be done from the comfort of your own home. We know that people may not feel comfortable going back to public spaces and FitXR gives users the benefits of a group workout from home. The exciting thing about Virtual Reality fitness is that the possibilities really are endless – that is why VR is the future of fitness. We’re looking forward to the reaction from fans to the launch of FitXR, and can’t wait to add new styles of workout to the studio.