It’s time to get that Wile e Coyote in Red Dead Redemption Online!

There are some new Coyotes in town in Red Dead Redemption Online at the moment with the introduction of two new legendary animals. Taking its place out in the wilderness is the Red Streak and Midnight Paw Coyote. The Red Streak Coyote has been spotted around Pike’s Basin and is known for stalking the rocky cliffs and barren floor of the canyon, and the Midnight Paw Coyote has also been spotted brazenly roaming the lands southeast of Strawberry.

Harriet is eager to learn more about these mysterious animals, so study the creatures and bring the samples back to her storefront to earn a prompt payment and gain some experience for the Naturalist Role. If you’re looking to up the fashion stakes or just show off your hunts then Gus (Trapper Store) will gladly aid you in turning these unique pelts into clothing. These two Legendary Animals allow for the crafting of the Red Streak and Midnight Paw Coats; crafting both with grant you an additional Reward for a free Coat in your Offers & Rewards.

Also this week at Wheeler, Rawson & Co. you can get your hands on some new cool cowboy outfits to purchase at the store. Items that you can get include the:

  • Daventry Jacket
  • Blackgrave Coat
  • Hinxman Hat
  • Filera Hat
  • Penstock Pants
  • Corrales Shirt
  • Molina Blouse

If you want to check out any of the other RDR2 social events, then head on over the Rockstar Social Club.