Super Rare Games is teaming up with Long Hat House and Raw Fury to release a physical version of Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition for the Nintendo Switch.

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition is a 2D metroidvania platformer which takes players across the esoteric world of Salt through fast and fluid jumps off any surface, unhindered by gravity, in lovingly crafted environments.

The pre-orders will open on September 3rd at 6:00pm BST (10am PT/1pm ET) for approximately £27 for the Standard Edition or £75 for the Collector’s Edition (excluding tax & shipping) exclusively on Super Rare Games.

The standard edition will be limited to 4000 copies while the Collector’s Edition will be limited to 1000 copies. And both versions will have all of the content on the cartridge.

The Dandara: Trials of Fear Collector’s Edition will come with:

  • A 180 page full-colour guidebook
  • Custom designed pendant
  • A full set of 52 playing cards featuring unique art
  • A collector’s pin badge
  • An A3 size double-sided map
  • 2 soundtrack CDs
  • 2 sets of trading cards
  • A sticker
  • An awesome collector’s box.