It’s not all DOOM and Gloom!

A glorious game improves upon perfection. as Gamescom reveals a new trailer for DOOM eternal DLC ‘The Ancient Gods – Part One’. It’s time for the slayer to sharpen his blades and reload the guns ready for the upcoming onslaught.

Showing off more flesh splattering antics and some of the best animated backdrops in gaming history (See giant TITANS) the Doom slayer is back in this new reveal trailer. The Ancient Gods: Part One will be available to play October 20, 2020.

You can buy The Ancient Gods separately or as part of the Season Pass, also, and this is a very cool move – Bethesda has said players do not need to own Doom Eternal to buy and play The Ancient Gods: Part One as it can be played as a standalone game. Why you wouldn’t want to play the original first though is just CRAY-ZAY.