Giving off Dead Space vibes!

Another Gamescom teaser trailer and this time it’s for TeamKill Media’s PlayStation 5 exclusive Quantum Error. The Sci-Fi horror FPS instantly drew comparisons to Dead Space and Event Horizon with regards to how humanities consistent disregard for messing around with ancient alien technologies never ends with a happy ending.

The trailer shows off some very creepy moments as you patrol dark corridors and rooms of what looks to be an orbiting space station. Machine-gun barrels whirling and mutated corpses splattering as you witness the horrors of the aftermath of some silly scientists machinations.

You seem to begin the adventure as a firefighter of the future, armed with only your trusty fire-axe and some firefighter equipment like hydraulic spreaders. But that’s obviously going to escalate to picking up some abandoned weapons, or maybe a DOOM-esque style BFG (Big F*****g Gun) that may be lurking in some random abandoned laboratory.