Developer Alan Edwardes has announced that his newest project, Estranged: The Departure will be available for the Nintendo Switch in Q4 2020, followed by a later release on Xbox One.

Estranged: The Departure is a first person adventure game that designed as a completely standalone sequel to Edwardes’ first game, a Half-Life 2 mod.

This new game can be fully enjoyed completely independently of the original mod and tells the story of a lone fisherman stranded on a mysterious island. Players will be able to explore a detailed landscape and solve various puzzles in order to escape this hell.

Developer Alan Edwardes said

Estranged: The Departure has been a labor of love for 6 years and has been shaped by its community for the 3 years it was in Steam Early Access. […] With humble beginnings as a mod and inspired by titles such as Half-Life: 2, Estranged: The Departure includes traditional first-person shooter themes, with an engaging story and action/adventure gameplay. […] I am very excited to bring it to the Nintendo Switch platform, to allow it to be experienced anywhere, any time.