Starstruck: Hands of Time, the genre-defying diorama musical where two kids and a giant hand race to rewrite history, will be available for PC and PS4 sometime next year.

Starstruck is set in 30XX where a mysterious force as The Mold has corrupted the world and it’s up to Edwin and Dawn to come to the rescue with their giant disembodied hand to smash obstacles, solve puzzles, and guide them to the world’s salvation.

The game will feature n original soundtrack featuring prog rock, metal, pop ballads, and more.

Max Ponoroff, the founder of Createdelic, said:

“No matter who you are or how you like to play, everyone should be able to experience the magic of music,[…] Starstruck: Hands of Time maybe about two kids, a time-traveling hand, and a chatty ship computer, but more importantly, players can explore at their own pace, self-express with improv sections throughout the game, and make music by their own rules, breaking the mold.”