To celebrate the launch of Tennis World Tour 2, NACON and Big Ant Studios have released a new trailer showcasing the sequel’s numerous new features. The game is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One while the Switch version will release on October 15th.

For those familiar with the first game, the card system is back and more focused on gameplay. With 5 cards available at the beginning of the match, players will need to think strategically and use them at key moments: increased stamina, a more precise service, or the reduction of the competitor’s power by some points, these are crucial in swinging a close match.

Career mode has been tweaked so players need to customize their appearance, recruit staff, and organizing each season.

The game now features a new precision return mechanic which requires players to properly understand the rhythm of the rally so they optimize the power and precision of their returns.

Players can also expect a handful of new types of courts to play on. And Tennis World 2 also brings back a more stable and complete online experience and adds new features such as double matches and the solo ranked mode.