Ragtag Studio will be releasing Ray’s The Dead this week on PS4; on October 22nd to be exact with a 2021 release date for Nintendo Switch. The game will also playable on PS5 via backward compatibility. The game was first shown way back during Sony’s E3 2013 press conference.

Ray’s The Dead is a dark comedy game that tells the story of Ray LaMorte’s afterlife as he tries to figure out why he died–and how he came back.

The gameplay is inspired by Pikmin where Ray control hordes of different zombie types, using special abilities to maximize destruction and devastate Ray’s enemies.

Shawn Halwes, the game’s technical director, said:

“Yes, we did make yet another zombie game, but we’re offering way more than just ‘eating brains’ (…) We’ve got a fantastical setting full of dark comedy, moral dilemmas, a story of redemption, the incredibly weird experience that was the 80’s, thoughtful puzzles, and extreme tactical zombie action. While eating some brains in the process, of course.”