Co-publishers, All In! Games and 505 Games have announced that first person cyberpunk parkour hack ‘n’ slasher, Ghostrunner is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 10th.

Buy Ghostrunner and receive two exclusive Katanas. Offer valid from November 10 to December 10.

Ghostrunner information:

  • Become the ultimate cyberpunk ninja on the go
  • Ghostrunner is designed to take full advantage of the Switch hardware, delivering a smooth experience
  • Ascend a dystopian tower: run on walls, deploy an energy-based grappling hook, hijack and ride flying drones, and much more
  • Wield a katana sharp enough to cut through flesh and steel in thrilling one-hit-one-kill combat
  • Fast respawns alleviate frustration to keep players gripped by the twisting narrative

Ghostrunner slices onto Nintendo Switch November 10. Ghostrunner is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series’ versions coming in 2021.