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If you’ve got free time on your hands, and you’re fed up of binging Netflix for hours on end, starting to play games on your PC can be a great way to pass the time. It serves as a useful distraction away from the realities of life, and you can get stuck into the virtual world without any worries or concern for the world around you.

However, if you’re only just starting out in the gaming scene, you might not know where to start! We’ve come up with a range of different games that are perfect for beginner PC gamers, and we have sourced games with different audiences in mind so that there is bound to be something that suits you as you embark on your new gaming adventure. 


Minecraft is one of the best places to start out in the gaming world on your PC, since it helps you to learn how to use the keyboard arrow keys and letters to navigate the block world. This is a relatively safe world to live in, considering that any monsters are slow moving, and so you can develop your reaction skills for other games in the future! 


Another open-world game with captivating scenery that doesn’t require you to follow a set story, is Journey. Whilst there is a story attached to your gameplay, it doesn’t matter if you go off track because there are tons of hidden clues that will help you back on your journey and work towards your main goal. 


Playing as a fire lookout stationed in a National Park, you solve mysteries that you come across and develop a relationship with your fellow park ranger by communicating over the radio. This game doesn’t last long, but it’ll keep you occupied for a few hours and develop your problem-solving skills in a first-person simulation game. 

Online Casinos

If you’re looking to get something a little extra out of your gaming experience, and potentially make a little bit of money, you might want to consider playing online casino games where you can bet with real money, and earn real cash! There are a range of different casino games and betting providers, so you should do some research before placing a bet. It is now possible to actually bet using cryptocurrency, rather than with money, so this is something that you should consider too, seeing as you can win more cryptocurrency if you win the game, which is a valuable investment for the future! Online Casinos like mBit Casino offer this, and have over 1000 games available for you to play.

Getting started in the gaming world on your PC is one of the most exciting times of your gaming future, so take the time to enjoy the process and to figure out what exactly you need to get out of your PC game. The most important thing is whether or not you can see yourself having fun on the game! Before investing in a PC game, you should check out online stores to see if they offer trials, gameplay videos or free downloadable content for the game, so that you can be sure you are going to have as much fun as possible before investing money.