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The season of love is around the corner and more and more people are getting excited about it. But even with all that love, we know that we will always have enough time to play Xbox games coupled with series of best online casino games as well. But to make sure that we are in the right season, we will also make sure that we pick our games wisely. That is why we want to look at eth best Xbox games about love and romance.

Final Fantasy X

If you love the idea of love and want to make sure you can feel it in Xbox games then we suggest that you try out Final Fantasy X. in this game we follow the start crossed lovers Tidus and Yuna as the fall in love. While Final Fantasy has a record of love stories, there is none like the one that you will see here. And one of the best scenes that you will see here is the laughing scene, while many mock it, we think it is the highlight of Final Fantasy X and you can enjoy this breath-taking story on Xbox 1.

The Mass Effect Trilogy

What we love about this specific film is the fact that you are in command as Commander Shepard, it will be your own words that will be able to tell your own storyline. Therefore, we have sort-of real courting feel as you will have no idea how what you will say will affect your relationships with the other characters. It is great game to play and you can also enjoy it on Xbox One.

Stardew Valley

If there one game that is literally about love, it is Stardew valley. Just like most real money casino games, the game is all about love, as such the relationships take longer to build. But in that course of building those relationships we are sure that you will have the time of life. Enjoy this game on Xbox One and if you never want the fun to stop then you can carry it with you on your iOS device as well.