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When it comes to OS for mobile phones, there has always been the battle between iOS and Android as to which of the two offer better gaming. But that is not our concern of the day, what we are more concerned about today is the reason why we love Android games.

Game Variety

One of the main reasons why we love Android games is the fact there is game variety. There are over 100 games that are introduced to Google Play Store every year, this will then allow for players to have an awesome game variety. That is why even it comes to online casino games from sites like, players are most likely to find more of them on Android powered devices.

Less Game Restrictions

And then we have the game restrictions, it is very rare for Google to restrict a certain game from their users unless there is a worldwide outcry against that game. Therefore, players are able to enjoy their games in peace.

Game Affordability

And then we have the price of the games, it is no secret that when you play games, there are some that will require you to pay in order to unlock more levels. However, when it comes to Android games, such games are there, but because of the game variety you can simply find a similar game to that one that will not require you to pay anything at all.

Device Cost

Lastly, we have the cost of the device, in order to enjoy Android powered games, you will have to play on an Android powered device. And it no secret that there are a range of Android devices that are affordable and are compatible with online casino games. One thing that we love the most about android is that their market targets all their users, from those who are willing to splurge on a fine phone to those who have nothing but still want to use a good phone.