Atlus has released a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated Persona 5. The newest video, straight out of today’s Livestream event, finally gives players a glimpse of the gameplay and also a bit more information the game. The only problem? The trailer, seen above, is in Japanese.

From the look of the trailer, looks like the game will be a mix of classic Persona elements along with new mechanics. Atlus also announced that the game will release in Japan on September 15th 2016. Which could mean a 2016 Europe and North American release date seem a bit unrealistic. Unless work on localization has begun months ago. My guess is if they are still planning to release it this year outside of Japan, it might be revealed during Sony’s conference at E3 next month.


And if you are fluent in Japanese, Atlus released a new interview video with Persona 5 director Katsura Hashino. Along with the interview, this video also shows a few more nuggets of gameplay.

Seeing as Nis America has stopped distributing Atlus games in Europe, hopefully Atlus will find a new business partner to bring P5 to European players.