If a game of pinball and hack ‘n’ slash were to have babies – this is what it would look like.

Flight School Studios have created a game that almost sounds impossible; a mix of Pinball and your Hack ‘n’ Slash adventure. It sounds implausible, but from just watching the launch trailer I need to confess that I’m intrigued.

Available now on Nintendo Switch (via the eShop), PC (via Steam), and Xbox One. Creature in the Well is also available for free to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. I will be checking it out for sure on my Game Pass.

You play as the last remaining BOT-C unit who has the task of maintaining the weather station that is built into the mountain. However, this ancient facility seems to be haunted by a mysterious creature that is following your every move. As you progress through the mountain lair you will uncover and upgrade powerful new gear to help you in your task to free the city of Mirage from an approaching deadly sandstorm. Just check out the launch trailer for some sweet gameplay footage.